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Viral: Watch the Video of A Maniac Guy Molesting A Drunk Lady!

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Now a day, it is very dangerous to walk alone in the middle of the night especially to the girls. There are a lot of robbers, snatchers and even maniacs scattered along the streets.

Just what happened to a drunk woman who was molested by a man along the street. The guy saw the girl sitting alone in Good Cafe at Nangyang, China. The girl was not on herself because of too much intake of alcohol. The guy had an opportunity to touch her private parts.

While doing it to the girl, another guy passed by and instead to stop and report it to the police, he took video of what the guy was doing to the girl.

The netizens are very mad to the two guys, especially to the one who uploaded the video.

Watch the video below to see what happened.

Source: Viral4Real


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