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WARNING: Do Not Ever Put Your Phones In Your Pocket!

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Smartphones are the most efficient and reliable device in this generation. It is like a small computer -on the go. Aside from calls and texts, now you can also work on your smartphones such as sending emails, making presentations and proposals.

The technology makes life easier for each and everyone. It helps us a lot in many ways and very convenient. But this technology also bears a bad side without us knowing that puts our health at risk.

Smartphones bring out radiation and some electromagnetic waves that are bad for our health. According to Nikolai Kononov, the vice president of the "League of the Nation's Health" these electromagnetic waves affect our central nervous system.       

Using our smartphones for a long time can induce cancer and other health problems. Aside from the central nervous system, it also damages the reproductive and the endocrine system. These electromagnetic waves can cause leukemia, hormonal disorders and brain cancer.       

Image Credit: StethNews
It is recommended not to put your devices in your pocket. Put it in your bag, in the cabinet or drawer.  And you should know how to limit yourself in using these devices. When not in use, better to simply put it away from your body.

Source: StethNews


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