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Warning: Symptoms If Your Wife is Suffering from Irregular Bleeding After Giving Birth!

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Bleeding occurs after a vaginal delivery or a delivery via cesarean section and can have serious consequences for the woman that can lead shock, uterine removal or even death.

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Bleeding after labor or postpartum hemorrhaging after giving birth to a child. The bleeding could last from three up to six weeks after giving birth.

Here are some tips during normal bleeding:

1. Do not use tampons during the first six weeks after having a baby.

2. Use only maternity pads.

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3. Change pads for every two hours and during the following weeks make the interval of three to four hours.

Here are the symptoms of abnormal bleeding that you should call your doctor right away:

1. You are experiencing high fever.

2. There is foul odor or a liquid body.
3. The color of the blood stays its bright color.
4. The tummy felt low on the side and down.

Call the ambulance if:

1. If the pads get full in less than an hour.

2. If the blood is still in bright color and continues for 4 days after giving birth.
3. If blood formed as big pieces.
4. Feeling dizzy and collapsed.

Source: TNP


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