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Watch: Alarming Effects of Sleep Deprivation

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The only time that the body has the opportunity to regenerate and replenish lost strength is through sleeping. We have always been advised by experts to maintain a sound sleep from 6-8 hours. This has been sensationalized again since the death of two famous movie and television directors.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to long or irregular working hours. It's rampant among those in the contact centers who work mostly on graveyard, those in the show business, and even drivers who need to transport merchandise at night.

According to experts, drowsiness should not be aided with coffee, energy drink, uppers and smoking. These factors may lead to obesity, and worse heart attack. As the body consumes more of these, veins and arteries start to be clogged, which is the reason of insidious cardiac arrest.

Another factor that they cite among youth is abusive use of modern technology. Staying up late, abusing your body for online games or social media sites may eventually lead to insomnia or sleeplessness. That's why they strongly advise to set limits with these innovations.

Here is a video to explain it further:

Doctors would like to reiterate the importance of sleep. No other factors can make the body fresh and ready for everyday battle, but to provide ample time to rest through a sound and quality sleep.

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Source: ABS-CBN


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