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WATCH: A Real Dwarf Playing with a Baby Captured on Video!

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Most of us do not believe in supernatural elements and their existence. I remember my siblings used to scare me during my toddler years. They would always say, a ghost will abduct me if I go out alone at night. The psychological effect on me until now that I am 26 years old is truly negative. I can't watch horror movies alone and I am afraid of dark and quiet places. If these fictional stories have an enormous effect on my sanity, just image how this woman and the baby in this video would feel seeing a creepy creature?

In Santa Fe, Argentina, Sylvia was just trying to record Benjamin's enthusiasm when a very frightening scene was captured as well. It was a dwarf running at the back of the baby going under the cabinet.

Image from: The Controversial Files
Sylvia confessed that she had seen her kid was talking to an unidentified creature in the hallway several times. In addition, her family witnessed many instances of the same. She said that they just ignored them, thinking that it's normal. When she filmed her son playing, she was very shocked when a dwarf ran at his baby's back then heading to the cabinet.

Do you think this is real? Do you have experiences seeing creepy creatures? Share them in the comment box. :)

Source: TheControversialFiles


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  1. Oh it's obviously fake! The shadow cast is way too sharp (light source is from a reflected light), the angle of the shadow is way off. Supernatural beings live from a different realm, in Scientific point of view, they are basically extra-dimentional beings. So every time they manifest in "our" realm, they will always create disruption in our Physical world. Sudden change in temp, air flow/wind, the most common is the electromagnetic disturbance like flickering of light and other tools/appliance/gadget that are being powered by eletricity...




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