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Which is More Dangerous? Tobacco? or Too Much Sugar Intake?

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Chronic diseases such as diabetes are outrageous in different part of the world. No age, no gender and it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. All can possibly have the disease.

Diabetes is the disease that cause by too much sugar intake of the body and the pancreas is not producing insulin to the body. Whereas, insulin is a hormone that uses the sugar from carbohydrate from the food that you eat to become energy of your body.

This disease is very dangerous if you will not have regular check up and regular medicine maintenance. It can cause many complications in the future, such as cardiovascular disease, foot ulcer, stroke and damaged in the eyes.

Just like too much addiction to sugar, tobacco is what almost half of the world's population is addicted to. According to the report of Sugar Consumption at a Crossroads, too much sugar gives bad effects to one's health, but many companies are protesting against the comparison, such as Dr. Pepper, Coca cola and Snapple.

Even there are findings that sugar causes bad effect on health, the consumers seem like they are not affected same as tobacco when there are some research that it is one cause of lunch cancer.

Whatever it is, people should always watch on the food that they eat and stop abusing their body by their different vices.

Source: StethNews


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