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A Horrible Story Of A Child Buried Alive Together With His Dead Father!

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It is really tragic to see your loved one lying without breath. After a long time of togetherness, happy memories that you've shared and taking care of each other, suddenly he will just go to somewhere that you cannot see him anymore and left you alone.

That was what happened to a boy where his father was shot to death. Because of loneliness, of being alone, the boy decided to go inside the coffin of his father. He fell asleep lying on the dead body of his father. 

While sleeping, he didn't notice that somebody closed the coffin and buried his father together with him. He was shouting but no one can hear him. He lightened the lighter to eliminate the darkness.

He was shocked as he saw an unknown creature that torturing his father. He cannot do anything to help his father. He did not know what was happening, but he felt sorry for his father.
Watch the video below to see what happened.

Source: Viddsee / TNP


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