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A Maniac was Enjoying a Scene in a Toilet, Until The Girl Surprises Him with a Whopping Ending!

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The City of Quezon in the Philippines has recently implemented a stronger ordinance fighting sexual harassment among women. The government's effort in decreasing cases of lasciviousness is so apparent. However, society is still taking the issue lightly. There are terms coining the cruel act such as 'Galawang Breezy' and 'Hokage Moves,' but this is really a very serious matter. A lot of cases of rape started with strong sexual desire and intimidation. So, before a simple green thought be converted into a lascivious act, it needs to be extinguished early.

It was an excellent job for this lady on how she handled the situation on this video. It all started with a stain on her blouse that she needed to clean, when a man followed her to the toilet. While she was busy taking away the mess, the guy is so focused tickling his thoughts with the scenery. Nevertheless, the girl gave the dude a whopping ending.

Watch the video here:

This is a strong reminder for all boys, not all ladies are easy to get. Respect other women like how you want your sisters and mother to be respected. :)

Source: TodayInManila


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