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A Story Of A Man Who Isolated Himself For 25 Years In The Cave!

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"No man is an island." This line reminds us that no one will survive in this world living alone. However, there are times that being alone has a surprising result, especially if you are obsessed with what you are doing without the need or help of others. 

There is a video below featuring an obsessed American cave digger named Ra Paulette, who is well-known for his extraordinary skill without any formal education in neither sculpture, architecture nor engineering. 

He isolated himself for almost twenty five years, realizing himself that he wanted to go to the hillside and began carving the hill. 

You will get stunned on his creation as he carved cave with astonishing foundations and walls with amazing sculptures. His obra maestra has caught much attention to those who will visit and see in person. 

Another shocking thing is that he only used manual tools such as scrapers, shovels, and pick axes in order to finish the sculptures - only by himself. It seems that so much effort, determination and patience will be needed to come up with this captivating work of art!

Source: TNP


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