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Anonymous Philippines to Mar Roxas: "Kung Magdadaya ka sa Eleksyon, Say Goodbye to Your Bank Accounts."

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As far as history is concerned, no one has experienced a hundred percent credible elections. In every period, all candidates accuse each other of cheating to get the most coveted position they want.

Anonymous Philippines, a concealed group of hackers, posted a caution for Mar Roxas to refrain from cheating in the upcoming polls. According to them, they know that Roxas really wants to get the presidential post and he wouldn't accept defeat. However, if he cheats, his bank accounts are at stake.

Here is a screen shot of Anonymous Philippines' post:

Image from: PinoyTrendingNews

On the other hand, the group also asked the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to execute strict policies when it comes to the features of PCOS machines, or they will face a very serious problem of a sabotaged election result. They also gave the COMELEC website a taste of their power as they defaced it last Sunday, March 27.

They changed the interface of the website to this:

Image from: PinoyTrendingNews
Also, they posted a video weeks before their threat to COMELEC:

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Source: PinoyTrendingNews


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