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Divers Had An Encounter With Strange Creatures Underwater! Check the video!

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3/4 of the world's surface is covered with water. Compared to land, our bodies of water, indeed, have more surprising and alluring creatures live even in the most remote areas, especially in the deeper part.  Until now, expeditions have been taking place because they believe that there are species that are not yet discovered by humans.

The video below features a marine iguana that will make sure catch your attention. It has a long tail with spikes at its back and claws is very awful that you may have goosebumps and you will immediately take out of the water once you see it.

You will be surprised with the said footage as the divers bravely took the video without any harm against them.

Based on the footage, the water iguana are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants, particularly algae under water. 

Source: TNP


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