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EXCLUSIVE: A Very Creepy Photo of a Facebook User Unknowingly Posing in the Middle of Two Ghosts? Terrible!

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Our site is featuring stories of supernatural elements and their unexplainable acts. Honestly, I am not really a fan of it, because there are a few which I think are fabricated. Nonetheless, I'd still have to do my job to bring the freshest reports and features in town.

This morning, our site received an exclusive message on our Facebook page about a story, that will surely give you goosebumps more than any horror movies can do. Joy De Guzman Manabat asked our website's assistance in making everyone aware about her experience taking a camera shot in a church. No words could describe the feeling when I saw the image, but I am convinced and will not sleep with lights off tonight.

Brace yourself with this photo:

Manabat sent us an explanation, saying: "I'm one who standing alone (wearing brown top) but yesterday I saw something different between my both side. The right side ( white lady w/ long hair) and the Left side a guy who wearing all black . Ako lang kasi mag-isa nakatyo dyan. And then ung naka all black na lalaki. Iba ung itsura nya sa normal na tao sa pic. And then ung nakawhite na long hair. As in wala ako katabi dyan talaga."

I couldn't see myself being in the middle of two ghosts while I am not aware of it. Maybe they would like to convey certain messages through appearing in the photo, but who knows? Can you imagine yourself being touched by ghosts and you can't do anything because you were unaware? What if you are being succumb by their powers? Crazy...

Share your thoughts and your own stories with us. :)


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  1. Joy sino kumuha pix sau? bakla chat ka samin..knilabutan kmi dto sa office lahat

  2. sus, pati ba naman to pinatulan pa, eh halatang gusto lang sumikat ng babaeng to eh.




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