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FULL REPLAY: Pacquiao Bradley 3! Watch it here!

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Pacquiao Bradley 3 is a very brilliant fight to conclude a boxing career. That is why Pacman did his best and it really worked for him. Since the first round started, Pacquiao displayed his power and experience with combination punches. There were times that the opponent was counter punching, but the judges unanimously gave the fight to the Filipino champ.

What are those moments that gave Congressman Pacquiao the belt? Let us all look back on a full replay below:

There were moments that the Desert Storm was trying to revive himself, but two rounds were really epic for Pacman. In Round 7, Manny gave a very strong left hook that made Timothy almost knocked down. Aside from that, the fighter from California rolled on the floor after receiving a powerful metal punch from the Pinoy boxing champ. The judges all scored 116-110 and indeed it was a decent fight.

Manny Pacquiao is an inspiration for all Filipino citizens, particularly athletes. He was born in an indigent family, but was able to reach success with perseverance, determination and God's help. Congratulations Pacquiao! The whole Filipino nation is proud of you!


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