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Is Luis Manzano Gay? He Finally Breaks His Silence!

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Many male celebrities have been put on the hot seat because of their gender preference. Some naughty minds think long-time single actors are gay and others blame breakups for being in the third sex. However, there are really closeted men out there who remain in the limelight being discreet. Maybe their livelihood is really at stake, but it pays to be free.

Image from: TNP
One of the unfortunate actors who is being questioned about his real sexuality is Luis Manzano. Malicious thoughts increased after his break up with Angel Locsin. Others think that the reason behind the split is because the Family Feud host is not straight.

Now, Luis has a very firm answer. In a statement published by, he revealed his point of view about gay issues.

It reads:
Image from: TNP
The actor truly gave respect to gays and being gay. That is why he only deserves to be respected as well. Furthermore, he already clarified his sexual preference, so nobody has the right to insist his belief towards the issue. :)

Source: TNP


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