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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's Shocking Revelation about Senator Antonio Trillanes!

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Less than a month before the much awaited elections, candidates are doing everything to relay their messages and platforms to all voters. Aside from that, this season is considered as the 'last two minutes,' so aspirants are in a rush making sure they'll win. 

The busiest candidates are those running in the presidential race. They are also the most controversial. Different exposé are featured everyday as part of their tactics. Well, that has been a part of politics in the Philippines.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from Davao has his own share in the spotlight. Because he tops the recent surveys, he has been a target of allegations. But now, Duterte has a shocking revelation involving a vice presidential candidate, Senator Antonio Trillanes. In an interview, the Mayor revealed that he was courted by Trillanes to be his running mate. He also mentioned a lot of surprising statements criticizing the Senator. 

Watch the video below:

Everyone will do everything to persuade the voters. However, it is a responsibility for all to choose a contender in line with a conscience. We want a leader who can sacrifice, step up and be a salt and light to the nation. Do not expect change if you can't start it yourself after all. :)

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