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MUST READ: ACE Hardware Issued a Statement about the "Suntukan Event"

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An event has been viral inviting a lot of Facebook users to attend "Suntukan sa ACE Hardware" (as they call it) on April 15, 3PM at SM City Lucena. Many online addicts were hooked up and confirmed their attendance. Everything was all set, including the program and even the celebrities who will attend. Surely, a very controversial fistfight.

Apparently, ACE Hardware issued a statement about this exciting event:

Image from: Ace Hardware Philippines
You might be sad and regretful with this hoax. Next time you commit yourself into something, make sure first that it's true to avoid getting surprised and disappointed.

Why do a lot of people get too excited whenever there is a rumble? Knowing that someone will be hurt, still it seems interesting for many.

Share your thoughts below. :)

Source: Ace Hardware Philippines


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