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SHOCKING: A Baby Got Stuck in the Escalator Edge Because of a Stroller!

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There are a lot of devices and innovations available in the market which can ease a parent's life in taking care of the baby. A working mom can monitor her nanny's treatment to her child while away, with the help of CCTV camera and internet. A kid can also roam around a mall with the aid of a stroller which comes with new features. These are just a few examples.

In a video that we saw, the stroller seemed not a good option to use in a mall escalator. The life of the kid was at stake because his parents were unaware of the harm the  stroller could give to the child.

Watch the video below:

The incident allegedly happened in SM Aura. It was posted on social media and earning a lot of negative comments. How about you? What can you say about this issue? :(

Source: ChosenTrends


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  1. fuck.. anu ngyri.. nputol ba kamay o paa? kaya mga kids ko kpg my escalator kinakalong ko tlga dhil hnd prin aq tiwala.. haizt..




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