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Shocking Statement of Mocha Uson: Mar Roxas is a Liar!

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According to recent reports, celebrity endorsements for the upcoming election has decreased because social media have become the new platform. However, there are artists who have been vocal about their support to certain candidates.

Mocha Uson has just been one of those who are active declaring his approval for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. She has been on the hot seat several times because of her fearless statements. One of the most controversial is her outburst towards Presidential candidate Mar Roxas.

The controversy started when Roxas allegedly mentioned that there were 'thousands' of people who supported his campaign rally, the same day when Duterte's rally was held. Uson confidently stated that there were only a few supporters present in Roxas' and impossibly be thousands. Furthermore, she called the former DILG Secretary a liar for saying a false claim in front of the camera.

We are all entitled to our comments, but respect begets respect. Share your thoughts. :)

Source: TNP


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