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Steve Harvey Made Another Mistake in Challenging this 4-year old Boy!

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After the unintentional mistake in Miss Universe 2015, Steve Harvey has been very controversial worldwide. He was even bashed after that epic fail moment.

Harvey has been viral on the internet again after challenging a 4-year old boy named Evan. He was invited to "Little Big Shots Show."

We have seen a lot of amazing children with great talents, but this one is stunning. Steve played the piano first and he was good. When the young genius started spreading his fingers on the keys, everyone in the show was blown away.

Here is a video of his amazing performance:

The host made a remarkable advise and challenge to his kids to learn a skill and be a master of it. Parents should be the instrument for the kids to unleash their inner brilliance. Aside from being a provider and guide, they should also cultivate the minds and talents of their kids so they can live life to the fullest.

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Source: TNP


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