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The Students Were Shocked When They Saw Their Photo, There's Something At Their Back That Scared Them A Lot!

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Ghosts and bad spirits are said to be the lost soul of a dead person. They sometimes see as shadows, quickly fading thing and not clear to our eyes. But the existence of these spirits cannot be proved by science. According to science, ghosts do not exist. You see ghosts because of mental imbalance.

But how can you explain the thing that caught by the camera of the students in Rizal High School?

Image from: TNP
The students were shocked when they saw the photo. There was something at the back of them that scared them a lot.

Look at the pictures below to find out what the students saw in the picture.

Image from: TNP
Source: TNP


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  1. Edited either Camera trick :) :)

  2. nahhhh....its a water hose nothing unusual about it

  3. nakauniform din ung momo,haha, baka pinagtripan nila ang estudyante na nagpapicture or just gawa2 lang nila :)

  4. ndi aq nani2la jan, at edited lng yn, or yun nga gawa-gwa lng nLa, pro nani2wla aq jan s 2 chics n yn, n ndi n cla virgin, wahaha




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