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TRAGIC: 1-year old Boy Loses One Limb After Being Crashed Against a Moving Escalator!

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A woman was about to go up with a 1-year old boy in a mall in Wuzhou city in China. It should've been a great day until an unfortunate incident happened. The lady was holding his boy way up in an escalator. Before they reach the top, the floor-plate collapsed and she fell. Because of that, the toddler fell and his arm got stuck. Eventually, the baby was rescued after a few minutes and his limb got twisted. A concerned citizen pushed the emergency button to stop the deadly escalator. Surgeons said that because of severe damage, the younger victim might face amputation.

Image from: DailyMail
Xiang Liujuan, a 30-year old mother was strolling in a mall with her kid. She was the first victim of the same escalator and sadly, she died. It happened less than a week prior to the poor young boy's incident.

Check the sensitive image below:

Image from: DailyMail 
Image from: DailyMail
May this be a lesson for the parents to be extra careful. Accidents happen in a snap, so you better watch out. :)

Source: DailyMail


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