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VIRAL: James Reid and Nadine Lustre Captured in Intimate and Touchy Scenes?

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James Reid and Nadine Lustre are undeniably the most in demand love team of this generation. After their top-rating teleserye, On the Wings of Love (OTWOL), they are now on a tour in several countries and expected to appear on the big screen soon. All the JaDine fans can't get enough of them. 

The population of their supporters and online fans continues to increase. Endorsements are also left and right. What could be the reasons behind the JaDine fever?

One of the causes why the pair becomes the most admired is possible, because they are real-life love birds. The tenderness of their affection comes out naturally. Many photos of the garden were released, but the images viral now online is really shocking. James and Nadine were captured very touchy and having intimate scenes. 

Here are the photos:

Image from: TheViralPedia
This couple is loved by many because what you see is what you get. They do not live in fantasy. One of the sacrifices that celebrities face is being an exaggerated open book. The moments that should be private are being exposed. Sometimes people need not to see them as plain idols, but human being as well. With that, respect of privacy will interfere. :)

Source: TheViralPedia


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