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Viral: A Letter Addressed to the Supporters of Mayor Duterte!

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One of Duterte's supporters wrote a letter addressed to his colleagues in politics. Alpha Valdez, felt pity on the picture of Mar Roxas in Tapatan Campaign Rally- Duterte VS. Roxas in Hongkong. He was saying that Mar looked very tired and pale in the picture.

Image from: TNP
According to the people who attended the said rally, 20 percent of supporters are in favor of Roxas and 80 percent of supporters are in favor of Duterte. All Duterte's supporters are wearing red shirts while shouting the name of Mayor Duterte.

Valdez wrote an open letter to reach out to fellow supporters to stop bullying other candidates. No need to have a fight with one another, be sports and wait for the result of the election.

Image from: TNP

Source: TNP


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  1. So u r DU30, actually no need to say those things and let the people show what they felt men! don't be kill joy men!

  2. its karma!!!!! its karma!!!! walang ibang dapat na conclusion nito...... its karma!!!!

  3. Mga supporters lang tayo. Ayaw na ayaw ni Mayor Duterte na manakit tayo ng
    kapwa .Come May 09 2016. Just wait and see.




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