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Viral: The Twin Sister Of Kathryn Bernardo?

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Kathryn Bernardo is one of the most famous teen star today in the world of showbizness. Aside from having a good rapport with her fans, Kathryn is also good in acting and dancing. She was known to be the "Teen Queen" of television.

Image from: TodayInManila
Kathryn had her first lead role as Mara in primetime teleserye MaraClara. She also did blockbuster movies such as "She's Dating The Gangster" and "Must Be Love". The love team of Kathryn and Daniel has a good chemistry and patronized by the people.

But have you ever heard about the girl that looks like Kathryn Benardo? Does it look like they are twins? Well, she is Czarina Gania. She is not related to Kathryn. But a lot of people were saying that they have facial similarities.

See the pictures to see how they look like.

Image from: TodayInManila
Image from: TodayInManila
Source: TodayInManila


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  1. Sayang ok na sana Pero there's a little bit worng in the nose
    Dont argue me im just telling truth




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