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WARNING: Be Aware Of The Bugs That Can Kill You Silently!

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Kissing bugs are member of triatominae, a subfamily of reduviidae, they are also known as assassin bugs. They attack by biting around the eyes and mouth of the victim. Over 300,000 cases of people were infected by Chaga disease brought by the kissing bugs.

They feed on the blood of their victims and the feces of these insects contain deadly parasites that can harm humans and animals. These parasites called Chaga disease and known as the silent killer.

Kissing bugs can be identified as cone-shaped head, has thin antenna and thin legs. They are mainly black or very dark brown, with red, orange or yellow 'stripes' around the edge. Their bites are not that painful because their goal is to bite and feed without being detected.

You are infected by Chaga disease, if you have these following symptoms:
Swollen abdomen
Increased heart rate
Depression and lethargy
Seizures or jerky movements
Poor coordination, and confusion
Loss of appetite

Tips that can help you avoid having kissing bugs in your house:
- Make your dog house higher from the ground
Always clean your house and backyard
Place the outdoor light from a distance from the house to keep away the bugs
Make sure to fix the holes, gaps and cracks on the window screens
Remove piles of rock and wood near the house or the yard.
Keep your pets inside the house during the night, since the bugs are nocturnal insects.

Watch the video below to know how kissing bugs harm their victims.

Source: TNP


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