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Watch: The Way that This Poor Boy was Killed is Truly Unacceptable!

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Laughter is the best medicine. Good jokes are actually my resort after a long day of work. I always browse for videos of my favorite comedians and comediennes to release the stress at the end of the day. Laughing is also proven to have health benefits, particularly to the heart and blood circulation. So, if you know someone who needs to laugh, crack some jokes to them. Just make sure that you would know the thin line between a joke and serious matters.

This video is such a surprise for me. One life of a child has been wasted because of the stupidity of an adult. It is believed that the guy was kidding with the boy. The reason is not clear because the video doesn't have subtitles, but one thing is undeniable, the kid deserves nothing but justice.

This video might contain materials which are not suitable for kids:

Oh no ..
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Posted by Latest Viral Photo on Friday, February 19, 2016

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Source: ThePadder


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