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Would you Believe that Nadine Lustre was a Backup Singer of Sarah Geronimo Before?

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It was a great turn of events for Nadine Lustre as she climbed up the ladder of stardom. Who would imagine that a backup singer before will be one of the most in-demand actress of today's generation?

Nadine's mother, Myraquel Lustre, posted an Instagram video showing The Pop Star Princess, Sarah Geronimo performs in her Record Breaker concert. She is proud as her daughter presents on stage as Sarah's backup singer. They were singing the hit song "Nobody" of the Korean group, Wonder Girls. Aside from Lustre, Rosalie Van Ginkel, twins Lailah and Mariam Baustria, and Shy Carlos were also in the segment. Included in the video, is an excerpt showing the Pop Royalty interviewing Nadine.

A video posted by Myraquel Lustre (@myplustre) on

Aside from the said post, a fan also published a complete recording of the performance on YouTube, which is shown below:

It must be a combination of hard-work, persistence and commitment that Nadine banked on to reach her status right now. She is an epitome of a strong woman who never gave up turning her dreams into reality. Undeniably, it really pays off for her. :)

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