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7 Deadly Mistakes Never Ever Make When Kissing Your Partner!

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Do you know that A Kiss A Day Keeps the Dentist Away? Locking Lips and Swishing Tongues Increases Saliva Flow that helps Prevent Tooth Decay. According to a Study the Minerals in Saliva Clean out Food Particles in the Mouth and Protects Tooth Enamel.  Doesn’t mean you Don’t Brush. Well, this was the Health and it’s Benefit part of Kissing.

Who Doesn’t like to Kiss. Everybody loves to Kiss. Couples that Kiss Regularly tend to Live Longer. There is an Art, there are some Principles and Definitely some Don’ts  in Doing Anything on this Planet, and the Greatest of them all is Doing Kissing. It is the Sign of Expressing Affection. To Kiss you need to Know the Don’ts before you Go Doing Kissing, otherwise it will Disrupt the Sacredness of Kissing and Spoil the Moment of Intimacy and Pleasure.

Let’s Look into these Deadly Mistakes so that it’s Avoided and a Wonderful Kissing Experience Unfolds.

1. Bad Breath when Kissing

Nobody wants to Kiss anyone with a Bad Smell of Garlic or Alcohol coming from their Partners Mouth. So Don’t Consume this before Kissing. Nothing is Worse than taking Someone Else’s Smelly Mouth. Don’t give the Nose a Headache. Fresh Breath is very Critical in this Endeavor.

2. Don’t Forget to Use Your Hands when Kissing

It’s just not the Tongue and Lips that make the Kiss Complete, but your Hands too, that is Part of this Kissing with Gentle Caresses and Soft Strokes which act as a Catalyst on your Partner. So Don’t hold your Hands Back from Exploring the Body while Kissing. Without the Hands, Kissing alone has no Impact.

3. Don’t Force Tongue to Kiss

Don’t put the Tongue before your Mouth. You Need to Read The Body Language. The Way you are Kissed that’s exactly the way you Partner want’s to be Kissed. Don’t Rush with your Tongue. Let it be a Slow and Steady Lip Movement First.

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