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'Ba't Mag-Isa Ka Lang, Miss?' This Pretty Girl Was So Afraid When 3 Men in a Jeepney Did This to Her!

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"Catcalling is not a compliment. It is a form of sexual harassment."

This popular tagline pops up every time a story about catcalling circulates. 

According to Urban Dictionary, catcalling is defined as any sexual move which includes whistling, yelling or praising a woman in a sexual way

While offenders often argue that they are just complimenting an attractive girl, most women find it disturbing due to its harassing nature. 

Another argument that is often discussed in connection with catcalling is the idea that "women are asking for it." People often argue that ladies are provoking men to catcall them, usually citing the way they dress or behave as an example. However, offended females say that catcalling happens even if they are dressed conservatively.

Such is the case with this Filipina who expressed her disappointment over her experience when she rode a jeepney on a bright sunny morning. 

Hazel Mhariz went on Facebook to share what happened to her and warned her friends about the prevalence of catcalling. 

Hazel did not expect that she would be catcalled as she narrated that she was wearing a plain t-shirt and pants.

She recalled the words her offenders told her as she rode the public vehicle. She was also able to take some pictures of the offenders and posted them on social media. 


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