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BEWARE: Did You Know That This Habit You Regularly Do in Your Shower Supposedly Increases Your Risk of Developing Cancer?

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Girls, do you wash your private part below every day? We know you do, but a study allegedly said that you shouldn’t.

That’s because it may lead you towards developing ovarian cancer which—like most types of cancer—is considered a “silent killer.”

Women don’t feel this until later when it has progressed to its advanced stage. Read: Deadly and most likely to kill you. 

Netizens PH revealed that a study by the National Institute of Environmental Sciences has linked ovarian cancer to the means of washing the private parts below. 

The study alleged that doctors do not recommend the act of putting fluids into your vag*na because it supposedly changes the natural balance of good and healthy bacteria down there. 

They also mentioned that it makes it easier for your vag*na to be infected, though they haven’t given enough reason why.

Apparently, they did a research and found out that flushing, or the act of washing your private part below, may be related to having pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, fungal infections, and reduced fertility. 

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