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Husband's Hidden Cameras Prove His Housekeeper Wasn't Stealing, You Won't Believe How 'Involved' His Wife Was!

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A 36-year-old married husband and Redditor posted a story on the online bulletin board, detailing a situation he witnessed which left him “feeling very confused.”

Spoiler alert: there’s a twist in this crazy story he got mixed up in.

Reddit user “feelingveryconfused” confessed that he set up a hidden camera in his bedroom because he suspected his housekeeper of stealing from him.

Upon seeing footage he had secretly recorded, he found himself in a strange dilemma which is seriously tugging at his heartstrings. 

He then went on Reddit to ask users' advice for his problem.

In the man’s story, he and his wife hired a 25-year-old nursing student to clean their house once a week.

“Our housekeeper is a 25 year old LPN student at a local college. She came highly recommended by a pastor friend of mine who had used her to clean their house for a few years before he moved. She is an excellent housekeeper, no problems there,” he wrote.

Husband Places Hidden Cameras in His Bedroom to Catch Housekeeper Stealing, You Won't Believe How 'Involved' His Wife Was!

All was fine until one day the netizen noticed that his Seiko watch was missing. He had searched his entire house to look for the watch only to have it magically reappear when “Rachel” returned to his home to clean.

“About a month ago I noticed that my Seiko watch was missing. I looked for it for a whole week, and then magically it appeared back on the dresser the day she cleaned. I questioned her about it and she said she found it behind the dresser, however, I remember looking behind the dresser very well because well I assumed thats where it would have fallen,” he wrote.

Over the few weeks, he began noticing that certain items of his would disappear then reappear – somethings getting misplaced.

Husband Places Hidden Cameras in His Bedroom to Catch Housekeeper Stealing, You Won't Believe How 'Involved' His Wife Was!

“There were other things over the last year that got moved around or suspiciously missing but then reappeared but you get the idea. I was so sure that I had looked behind the dresser I decided to set up a trail camera kind of nestled behind a bookshelf overlooking our bedroom, and more importantly, all of our expensive stuff like jewelry and handgun (yes in a small locked handgun safe),” he wrote.


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