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LOOK: A Beautiful Girl Posted Her Picture With Her Husband and Daughter, You Will Not Believe How People Reacted on It!

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Beauty standards are deeply engraved in our society whether we like it or not. Although there are revolutionary activists who are trying to alter these kinds of cultural aspects, it is difficult to disregard others’ perceptions of beauty

Just as when Cambodian Facebook user Lucy LuvElla tries to break the Western standard of beauty, some netizens seem to fail to understand the context of love without limit and boundaries.

Lucy posted on her Facebook account a series of her family photos. Netizens threw their mixed reactions upon seeing Lucy’s husband who is reportedly a black-skinned man. People are calling him ‘lucky’ for being able to capture Lucy’s gorgeous beauty. 

A Beautiful Girl Posted Her Picture With Her Husband and Daughter, You Will Not Believe How Netizens Reacted on It! Horrible!

Aside from the compliments, other netizens seem to be sarcastic. Others have accused Lucy of staying with her husband because of his money.

Tholittz Divino :  naging praktikal lng c girl... kng saan cya mgkakaron ng mgandang kinabukasan ung mgiging pamilya nya don cya...mukha nman nkakaangat sa buhay c boy kya wlang problema n bumuo cla ng pamilya..

Eiwaweiuol Mc Eachren : Manyaman pero kung mahirap yan tingin nyu papatulan yn ng girl?

Joseph Romero Yu : owner nang beauty and skin care product yung c babae,bka lumaklak nang sampung gallon na gluthatione kaya pumuti at gumanda,bka olikba din yan kulay nya dati,at bka multi milyonaryo c lalake.hndi kataka taka ang balita na ito.

Aismark Tafalla : Marami nga akong nakikiita magasawa kay ganda na babae tapos kay swangit n lalake ,yung iba pera talaga nagustuhan sa lalake yung iba naman kahit di gusto c lalake dahil pangit nga e kaagapay sa buhay ganoon lang

The comments section of her post was a hodge podge of sarcastic and positive comments. Nonetheless, some of the more enlightened opinions include the following:

Honey Kokorokara Itsumo Habibi : Kahit pa Anu itsura ng Tao Kung true love talaga at saka maitim lng naman. Yung boy may itsura naman , Maputi Lang yung girl , ang cute nga ng anak Nila eh , maraming katangian Kaya nagmamahalan sila , Kaya it's not a big deal hmmmmm!!!

Wally Bayawa :  masarap magmahal pag to toong pag mamahal, kahit anong itsura ng isang tao. God loves every one no matter who we are, what we is the most important thing in our lives... so no matter who we are if there is love... no need to be surprise....

Willie Punzalan : Its common naman whats the difference as long as they are human beings theres no descrimanation when love purely exist in their heart nothing more nothing less.

Cecile Bobis Lopez: Love is not how they is about the attitude, respect, trust, shared each other in bad and good....beautiful you can buy but love,respect, trust you can't buy it or pay not only how they look to love it.??..pls guys she deserve him and he deserve here...God Blessed

So what is your personal take on this issue? Share us your insights in the comment section below.

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