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LOOK: This Dying Girl Wanted to 'Die Beautiful' so She Arranged Her Own Funeral!

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Know that Metro Manila Film Festival entry, ‘Die Beautiful?’ It featured a gay character who called himself Trisha Echevarria who greatly wanted to become a beauty queen.

His father was greatly against this, but it didn’t stop his gay friends from fulfilling his wish.

A 21-year-old girl named Racine Pregunta more or less wanted to achieve the same thing. It was reported by Rachfeed that the girl was an aspiring model.

CHECK IT OUT: This Dying Girl Wanted to 'Die Beautiful' so She Arranged Her Own Funeral!

However, tragedy struck and it seemed as if God had other plans for her. On October 2016, Rolyn, Racine’s sister, posted a heartbreaking status on Facebook. 

According to her, Racine has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. This is a rare type of cancer that starts within the bones. It is most common among teenagers and young adults.

People inflicted with this cancer may initially complain of experiencing pain that gets worse during the night. The pain may be of “intermittent and of varying intensity.” 

In Rolyn’s status, she was asking for anyone kind enough to donate blood and financial help to her own sister. That time, Racine was slated to undergo a surgery on her right knee. 

Rowling didn’t update anyone about how her sister fared, but her next status shocked the people following her account. According to her, Racine had already died of the condition. 


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  1. stunning and unparalleled his character. may be happy at home with our father in heaven happy journey you go toward....peace be with you! Amen




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