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LOOK: This Girl Was Just Walking to Her Grandma's House When This Snake Appeared to Her and Taught Her Something!

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What do you when you are walking along to your grandmother’s house and then on the way, you encounter a creature a snake. 

This might not be the ideal scenario for you but what if the snake slithered up to you and actually talked to you? 

That’s right, what if the snake really did talk to you? It might sound weird but let us tell you the story of a girl who was walking along to her grandmother’s house.

According to Elite Readers, the girl was traversing the mountain path when a snake appeared in front of her. 

SHOCKING! This Girl Was Just Walking to Her Grandma's House When This Snake Appeared to Her and Taught Her Something! Must Read!

Before she could react, the snake opened its mouth and talked to her, then and there! It said, “I am about to die. There is no food in these mountains, and I am starving.” 

It continued, “Please, won’t you carry me to the other side of the mountain? It’s too cold for me up here, and I am freezing.” 

The girl replied no and then said, “I know what you are. You’re a snake. You’re dangerous to me. And if I pick you up, you will bite me and your bite is probably poisonous.”

And the girl continued on her way, down the mountainous path, but the snake slithered beside her and said, “Please, I’m a living creature. You can’t just let me die! If you help me, you will be my best friend. I will treat you differently.”

This made the girl pause and actually reconsider what the snake told her. She stared at the snake and marveled at how beautiful its skin was.

She has to admit it was the most beautiful snake she has ever encountered before. 

After a while, the girl said, “Do you promise not to bite me?”

“I promise,” the snake quickly replied. 

Then the girl said, “Well, then, I guess it’s okay. I believe you. I will save you. All living things deserve to be treated with kindness.”

She bent and then gently took the snake under her coat. She continued walking to her grandmother’s house. 


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