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LOOK: This Guy Finds His Girlfriend Raped After Clubbing, Find Out What He Did to Track Her Down!

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Most women nowadays are urged to take extra precaution upon going out. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when in the company of strangers.

This incident of a Singaporean girl who got raped is a great example of this. Amazingly, her boyfriend was able to track her down using the Find My iPhone app

The young man said that he knew his girlfriend was out with her colleagues at a place called Zouk for a farewell party they were throwing for their co-worker. 

However, he found it odd that he suddenly couldn’t reach his girlfriend’s phone. He noted that his partner has never been unreachable even when they are arguing.

Boyfriend Finds His Girlfriend Raped After Clubbing. Find out What He Did to Track Her Down

The victim stopped replying to her boyfriend’s WhatsApp message at around 3:15 am which the guy assumed was normal. However, he started to get worried when she wasn’t able to answer his calls two hours later.

Luckily, they both shared a common password for the Find My iPhone app which helped him track down his partner. The app indicated that the victim was at a place called Hume Heights.

Upon reaching the spot, said he noticed a familiar car parked there. It is owned by a guy he knew named Ong. 

He then found his girlfriend’s shoes outside one of the rooms he was about to check.

After knocking, he checked out the unit and found Ong by his girlfriend sleeping beside him on the bed. Ong then defended himself by saying “I did not do anything.”

Boyfriend Finds His Girlfriend Raped After Clubbing. Find out What He Did to Track Her Down

He said his girlfriend was too weak to stand up or even respond due to the high alcohol content found in her blood. 

As of now, the trial versus Ong still continues. 

How do you think we could prevent rape from happening? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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