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LOOK: A Very Solemn Wedding Shot Turned Into a Frightening Photo!

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There have been a lot of unexplainable video recordings and photos taken during unexpected moments. However, because of the innovations of video and photo editing, experts could easily determine which are hoaxes.

This photo that we saw online is a picture-perfect image of a very sweet and sincere union of a man and woman sharing the gift love. With their friends and family as witnesses, the photographer wanted to catch the significant event at the top. He positioned himself on a rooftop and was able to take top view shots. Everything was perfect, not until the time they zoomed in the frame, they saw mannequin-like images at the balcony of the building beside the venue. Super creepy!

Here are the photos of the wedding:

The photo earned many different comments from netizens, some are disturbing, others are hilarious. However, as mentioned above, nothing is impossible with technology now. So, be the judge if you have the right.

Source: SocialPees


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