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LOOK: The Weird and Scary Story of Lucia Joaquin! This Will Give You Nightmares! Must Read!

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Urban legends never fail to elicit scares. They're always there, lurking in society's subconcious. 

One such story has been generating buzz on Facebook. The story features a girl named Lucia Joaquin haunting a guy who only wanted to use Facebook as a means to help bring himself to sleep. 

VIRAL: The Weird and Scary Story of Lucia Joaquin! This Will Give You Nightmares! Must Read!

According to Boy Trending, a guy named Enzo Cruz woke up at around 3 in the morning because he felt that he needed to pee. 

He did his deed but afterwards, had difficulty going back to sleep.

Cruz noticed that he forgot to turn off the light, so he switched it off and returned to bed, hoping that he would finally be able to sleep. 

Oddly enough, Cruz still didn’t feel drowsy so he decided to open Facebook on his phone in the hopes that it would get him sleepy. 

When he logged onto his account, he saw a message pop up in his inbox. It came from a user named Lucia Joaquin. 

He didn’t know anyone by that name but he still decided to entertain the girl. This is how their conversation in Messenger went: 

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kuya, Pwede po 'bang Makipag-usap?
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Tungkol saan?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kahit na Ano po. Wala po kasi 'kong
Makausap. Nalulungkot po ako.
ENZO CRUZ: Ganun ba? Bihira lang kasi 'ko Makahanap ng
Kausap sa mga Oras na 'to. Karamihan sa mga Friends 'ko,
Tulog pa.
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Bakit po kayo, Gising na?
ENZO CRUZ: Actually, Nagising lang ako. Nagpapa Antok lang
Ulit Ako, Kaya napa Facebook lang.
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Hindi kaya Kuya kaya ka Nagising dahil may
Gumising sa'yo?
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? What do you mean Ate?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Wala po kuya. Nga pala Kuya ang Pogi
mo. 'Nung Nakita nga kita, Nagkagusto Ako agad sa'yo eh.
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Nakita Saan?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Dito sa mga Pictures mo. Tinitingnan ko
kaya ngayon.


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