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The Truth Behind The Controversial Break-Up Of Charice And Live-In Partner Alyssa Revealed!

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According to Pilipino Star Ngayon report on April 26, rumor has it that world performer Charice and live in partner Ayssa already broke up. The two shared the same roof for 4 years. They have confirmed their relationship in 2013 when Charice admitted that he was a l*sbian.

Now, Charice’s handler, Carl Cabral has confirmed that the phenomenal singer and live in partner already broke up.

"Yes, Charice and Alyssa have broken up and it was a mutual decision," Cabral said.

Alyssa Quijano was seen carrying loaded bags as she left the singer’s apartment.

"Charice is not accepting any interviews and now taking a break. He's doing fine and he's happy. Thank you very much."

We can also recall that Charice and Alyssa had planned of getting married and having a child after celebrating their anniversary last year.

Cabral also denied the claim of Pilipino Star Ngayon’s source who mentioned that the singer was staying with a friend in Laguna.

 "The rumor that Charice is living with the fan is not true. He has bought his own house," the handler defended.


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