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These Are The Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Meteor Garden Cast. Watch What They Look Like Now!

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Meteor Garden was the first ever Chinovela on Philippine TV which became a huge hit to the Filipino viewers.The Pinoy audience got so used to the Mexican telenovelas, or simply Mexicanovelas, and Filipino teleseryes which is why when the Taiwanese show arrived, everyone became skeptical of its success and the quality of its story line.

The triumph of the series ushered in a new generation of other telenovelas from different Asian countries such as the Japanese Jdorama and the Korean Koreanovela. 

Because Meteor Garden was such a huge hit, most Filipinos would rush home at 4:30 pm, the show’s time slot in ABS CBN, just to be able to watch the show.

Since its last airing on Philippine TV last 2005, we haven’t really seen any more shows involving the main characters including Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Barbie Hsu, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu. 

After almost 12 years since they last came into fame here in our country, most fans now wonder what their favorite Taiwanese actors look like now.

Most of them are now married and some even have children, like Barbie Hsu a.k.a. Shan Cai. The strong and independent lead actress of the Chinovela we came to love got hitched last 2011 to businessman Xiaofei. They currently have two children together.


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