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This Girl Asked the Grab Driver to Rush Her to the ER, What The Driver Did Instead Will Definitely Make You Cry!

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The Grab app offers users unparalleled convenience when traveling. Their drivers are known for being respectful and reliable as required under the company’s strict execution of their policies. 

Recently, another touching story about a Grab driver and his passenger took the internet by storm, warming the hearts of many netizens.

Nix Obispo’s faith in humanity was restored after she encountered a Grab driver who rendered more than the service that she needed. She immediately shared her story on her Facebook account and it has already garnered thousands of reactions.

According to Nix, she booked a Grab Taxi because she felt the need to be rushed to an emergency room after feeling a severe pain in her stomach. She kindly asked the driver to bring her to The Medical City in Ortigas in the fastest way that he could. 

The driver named Joven realized the urgency of the situation so he did all he could to reach the medical facility. Once they reached the hospital, Joven refused to accept Nix’s payment, saying it was an emergency situation. However, Nix still insisted to pay him.

Nix thought that Joven would leave after bringing her to the hospital. However, she was surprised when Joven expressed his willingness to stay and look after her. Joven stayed in the hospital during the entire time Nix was being examined. 

Nix was then given medicine which made her sleep. 

To her surprise, Joven was still there when she woke up. The driver did not leave her until he was sure that she was fine. 

Nix then asked Joven to leave, saying she was feeling better. The driver left but not before reminding Nix to text him as soon as she returned home. 

Joven’s little act of kindness amazed Nix as she did not expect it from a stranger she just met.

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