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Unfaithful Wife Got ‘Chilied’ By Own Husband on Her Private Part after she was caught in Other Man’s Bed

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Cheating in all aspects is just wrong. Whether it’s in school, an athletic contest or even in a relationship, we all know that cheating is a big no no. On that note, the social media world has been going nuts after an awful story emerged concerning a woman who got kicked in the face because of being unfaithful.

According to the Facebook page Kabet, in which they uploaded two photos of a woman who got her face kicked and her privates cut by his husband. The photos were accompanied by a caption that says: “Bago pa mangyare sa inyo ang ganito magbago na kayo. 😏Sinilian yung pek2 at sinipa ang mukha dahil nahuling nangaliwa sa asawa niya. tsk tsk.”

Many were shocked by what they witnessed and shared their thoughts regarding the issue. Netizens were angered by the woman’s actions and said that she deserved what she got after she’s done which was very unacceptable, especially if you are a married woman. However, there are also some who think that the husband took it too far by doing such violent thing on his wife.

As of this writing, the post has already earned over 8.2K likes/reactions and a share count of 13,573 on Facebook.

This is one of the many things people should avoid doing. Although there some who just let something like this slip, but there also some just like this guy that won’t take it very likely. So don’t ever cheat on your partner if you know what’s good for you.

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