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WATCH: Anne Curtis Accidentally Flashed Her 'Assets' on Live TV After Vice Ganda Did This!

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'It's Showtime' regulars Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda are seemingly the best of friends. Their friendship is evident on screen, especially during their banter which makes the 'madlang people' laugh uncontrollably.
Along with the other hosts of the hit noontime show, their closeness, bonding, and camaraderie are one of the many reasons why the show is so popular.

However, filming a live show also has its dangers. Add the spontaneous fun and unexpected pranks done by the hosts on each other and anything can happen. Since editing is virtually impossible for a live show, one can only imagine how unpredictable things could turn out to be.

Anne Curtis Accidentally Flashed Her 'Assets' on Live TV After Vice Ganda Did This! WATCH IT HERE!

Such is the case on February 13, when Vice was playfully teasing Anne while waiting for the results of 'Tawag Ng Tanghalan'. Vice antics caused Anne to accidentally lift her blouse and expose her strapless bra. Of course, the 'madlang people' and everyone else who watched the program on their television sets saw the whole fiasco.

Both of the hosts just laughed at what happened and acted like it was nothing. But given the technology of today, Anne's awkward experience was recorded and uploaded on YouTube, forever etching its place in viral video history.

Watch the video below. 

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