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WATCH: Giant Baby Takes the Internet by Storm!

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The video was originally uploaded by Facebook page ‘The Ballzo Show’ and was reblogged by ‘Monstah’ on the same social media platform. 

And went immediately viral as it featured a baby whose size is surprisingly enormous. He was struggling to stand up and walk while crying as if he could not help himself. The boy on the video really looked like a newborn infant. However, his odd height of 5-6 foot is definitely too tall for a newborn. 

A video sparked discussion among the online users who argued over the video’s authenticity. Most of them claimed that the video has been manipulated to show such weirdness. They also argued that the video may have undergone the process of Photoshop as it is indeed difficult to believe the existence of a giant baby.

On the other hand, there are also netizens who believe that the child featured in the footage might be suffering from a rare disease which affected his physical appearance. Some also think that the boy in the video is actually a sick old man filmed because of his condition. Given all these speculations, none of them were confirmed to have been true. As of this writing, no other details have been provided to support any of these conclusions.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:
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