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WATCH: Sue Ramirez Falls During on Her Foot Juggling Practice with Gab Valenciano!

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If a celebrity sets his or her mind on something that’ll entertain the public then you can be sure that they’ll push themselves to perfect whatever routine that may be.

It is a known fact that sometimes in movies, an actor is willing preform his/her own stunt work.

Kapamilya rising star Sue Ramirez along with Gab Valenciano, were rehearsing hard for an upcoming segment they have on ABS-CBN’s ‘I Can Do That’. 

Watch Here! Sue Ramirez Falls on Her Behind During Foot Juggling Practice with Gab Valenciano!

As a part of their act on the reality television competition, Sue and Gab were tasked with preforming a foot-juggling routine

Foot-juggling, or any form of juggling for that matter, requires a great deal of training and dexterity for someone to pull it off. So you know Gab and Sue were going to have a difficult time learning what jugglers have done their whole lives.

Boy, did Sue pay the price.

On her official Instagram account, Sue shared a mishap, she suffered during the rehearsals. Gab carried the lovely actress using his feet.

As he tossed Sue in the air, her balance was off and she fell on the floor right on her backside!


Despite the error, Sue laughed heartily as her co-stars and other staff came to her aid. Some of them were laughing with her as well.


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