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Watch This Crazy Performance of a Beautiful Korean Girl Group! You Will Be Extremely Amazed!

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We all know and admire Korean girl groups groups, but did you know that these ladies have to undergo extremely intensive training in order to be deemed worthy of joining a musical or dance group?

That’s right; those ladies don’t work for nothing.

They usually undergo a series of tests, and that’s just the beginning. According to Koreanboo, these ladies have to go through seven stages in order to become the K-pop idols we all know them to be. 

They start from pre-audition training to audition, and then signing the contracts once they passed these tests. Another set of rigorous training is expected once they are officially signed up with a label. 

After which they are then expected to drop out of school and do their “extra homework”—that is, doing mandatory exercise, subscribing to a regulated meal, and having regular weigh-ins. 

If they’re deemed qualified, they are then devoted to the K-pop loving society, where it actually takes them years just to thoroughly establish a so-called girl group. 

So it’s definitely not easy to be a Korean girl group member, much less to be part of their industry. But Facebook fan page ‘Sexy Dance Girls’ just revealed a video which showed just how hard these girls work--and look good at it, mind you!

The girl group in the video is unknown, but it is obvious that they have been working hard just to give that kind of a hot, sizzling performance that their fans would expect from them.

Many netizens were in awe and in fact, the comments section of the video was filled with various stickers. 

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