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An Old Lady Declined an Offer of $1 Million Dollars for Her House Because of a Very Mysterious Reason!

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One of the most fulfilling accomplishments as a young professional today is to be able to have your own investment. Many are dreaming to have their own car, life insurance, business, house and eventually shares of stocks. Among these investments, which do you think will have the highest value in the future?

An 84-year old woman named Edith Macefield from Seattle, Washington had her house worth a million dollars. A certain company planned to develop the site into a commercial area and based on their blueprint Macefield's house and lot will be hit. The entity was able to convince other residences around the old lady's vicinity, but Edith stood firm that she will not sell her house. The negotiation made the offer as big as $1 million dollars. Surprisingly, she declined.

In this video, you will see the house and its interiors. Edith's reason remains a mystery, but many believe that it's because of the memories happened in the house.

Watch the video here:

This story became viral and was able to inspire a lot of people. The house was actually the inspiration of Pixar for the movie "Up". Macefield dies on a couch in her house last 2008 after battling cancer. The house was entrusted to Barry Martin, the construction head of the company who tried to buy the Edith's house. Martin was the one who took care of her during her passing days. It was such a mysterious, heartrending and inspiring story.

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