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Last Ride To Heaven: This Bike Rider Died and Was Buried With His Motorcycle!

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“Ride or Die.” This motorcycle was so beloved that it followed its owner to the grave.
In our lives, there are definitely material things that we come to love. Why? Well, maybe it was a gift from someone important. Maybe it was a hard-earned achievement. Whatever the reason, the sentimental value is there. Sentimental value is something most people tend to belittle. But one thing’s for sure, it exists and there are people who take it very very seriously.

This viral video features the story of a man who was buried with his beloved motorcycle. The motorcycle was placed right beside his wooden coffin. This was probably his dying wish, but some say that it was actually the wishes of the deceased’s family.

They even threw in the helmet… safety first. Oh, and, they didn’t just bury it with him. They even revved up the bike’s engine to signify the dead man’s last ride.
The problem is, the hole wasn’t deep enough and they had to remove some of the bike parts to make sure that it fit. Afterwards, the family of the deceased performed their rituals, throwing rice into the grave and uttering their prayers before they finished the burial rites.

Watch his last ride here:

Some netizens said that that the family should’ve just put the motorcycle to good use. However, there were plenty of netizens who said that people should just respect the wishes of the deceased’s family.

Whatever side you’re on, it’s hard to deny that this particular burial turned heads. Not everybody gets to take their most prized possession to the afterlife.
Would you do this to your motorbike or your car? Do you know any stories that are like this? Tell us all in the comments below and don't forget to share this story!

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