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This woman's supposed fun bungee jumping experience from a 50-foot high bridge became horrifying because of this horrible mistake!

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Adventurous people always look for extreme activities as they always excite them. People who love to try some mind-blowing activities are really brave to experience these dangerous things. As long as they trust with the provider of these activities, they are confident that nothing will go wrong.

This is opposed to what happened to this woman who just wanted to have fun doing a bungee jump. She was about to jump off the La Negra Bridge in Florida, Bolivia. She was confident that things would happen the way they planned it to be until things just unexpectedly went wrong.

This unnamed woman trusted Andean Trek with her extreme bungee jump. They were all confident that she will be safe as they already checked her safety gear many times. Before she made her jump, her assistant even gave her some final tips. However, none of them anticipated that something technical would slip out of their hands and the woman would experience this.

Watch the footage below:

The woman was fortunate to have been saved from the disaster despite the impact. She sustained minor injuries, but was released from the Santa Cruz de la Sierra medical clinic after several days. Meanwhile, Andean Trek, the touring company, willingly paid for the bills.

Further investigations revealed that her rope broke which was considered as a human error. According to the touring company, it was the first time that this incident happened.

Would you still dare to try these extreme activities? Have you tried bungee jumping? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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