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WATCH: Vice Ganda Got Upset After Anne Curtis Did THIS To Him!

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The “It’s Showtime” Family is known for their funny antics. Especially the pranks!

Ever the jokester, the video first shows, Vice Ganda and some of his pranks. From surprising people to simply pushing Anne Curtis’ back that has presumably some RockTape on it.

Vice Ganda Got Upset After Anne Curtis Did THIS To Him! SHOCKING!

But here’s the catch, for Anne’s payback, she tried to pull Vice’s shorts down while the show was live last Wednesday!

Of course, Vice was not amused with what Anne did.

Watch the full video right here:

“Look Anne Curtis bumawi sa mga pantri-trip at pang pprank na ginagawa ni Vice sakanya! Hinubuan ng pwet si Vice hahaha! Laughtrip pero muntikan lang naman! ;) It happened sa set ng showtime kanina April 26 2017 hahaha

It looks like this ain’t the first time for Vice Ganda as last year, Billy Crawford did the prank on him and pulled it off!(pun intended)

Actually, that would explain why the “Unkabogable Star” had lightning fast reflexes for the second time.

Just imagine what could have happened if Anne pulled off that prank on live TV… yikes!

Of course, even with all their quirks, netizens are loving these two and their viral videos.

ang saya grbe ... i love dadeh vice *ss ... hahhaahahaaha
- kimberlykaye Mondez

“ang saya nila ayyy...”
- Ervin Ramirez

“Sana may movie si vice vhong at ann
- Kevin Martinez

Are you a fan of Vice and Anne? Tell us in the comments section below!

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