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Wife Discovered a Hidden Phone in Her Husband's Car! What She Found out Left Her With a Broken Heart!

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Consider yourself lucky if you already found the person whom you think you'll be with for the rest of your life, but consider yourself the luckiest if you already found the right person plus, you also have a best friend whom you can cry on during the ups and downs of your relationship. 

However, in this generation, most 'best friends' tend to be the reason why most relationships end.

Now, a woman named Valerie Po and her husband is already having a great and happy life, they admit experiencing obstacles, but they'd still do whatever they can face it and overcome it.

Everything's going well, until she found this basic phone that was inserted in the side seat of their Mitsubishi Motero car. She then chose to check the phone and she was indeed shocked to find unbelievable messages.

There were messages from her husband saying "Goodnight and I love you,' that literally left her shocked. She then took the number and tried to use her phone to check if she knows the person, it was then that she found out that the one who texts her husband was actually her best friend.


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